Rick Pratt, AIA


Rick believes that a set of drawings is like an orchestral arrangement. With clear harmony and melodious notes, the listener is led eloquently throughout the piece understanding the progression and contribution from each instrument. With broken keys or choppy segues, the audience becomes distracted.  As the conductor of the architectural orchestra, with a background in both design and construction, Rick understands the value of well-coordinated drawings.  He also has a strong tie with the reality of what is buildable and strives to harmonize the design and detailing so that it acts as a symphony with beautiful music as the result.

Rick is an avid woodworker when he has the time. He has been building his dream workshop that will also house the firms Virginia office location. Rick plans to build art and furniture to adorn his projects and others’. To follow along, please visit his instagram page here:

Brendan Leadbeater, AIA

Project Architect

Brendan has over 8 years of experience in the fields of architecture, design and sustainability. During that period, he has donated his knowledge and time in assisting on the renovation and rehabilitation of several projects in South Street Seaport area affected by Hurricane Sandy, worked on several hospitality and residential towers, various high end residential homes in the Hampton Bays and New Jersey, and cultural centers in Manhattan and Florida.

Brendan specializes in space making, conceptual and theoretical design, 3d modeling, rendering and printing, and clay sculpture while also understanding the practical applications necessary for the built environment both from a technical and economical perspective. Brendan believes design should grow naturally from a quest and search for ideas and answers and that successful design solve problems on both a functional and phenomenological level.

Maureen Faraci

Project Manager

Maureen brings over 20 years of project management, communication & technology experience to the table.  She keeps the team organized, accountable and in constant communication.  She is also working as Owner’s Representative for construction build projects, ensuring that Quality, Integrity and Value are part of every PDS build.

Robert H.J. Akins


Robert has over 20 years of building his skills in the field of residential drafting and design, and he knows there is always something new to learn. His experience, acquired in a variety of locales, always has one focal point: a satisfied client. Residential design is intensely personal, and he understands that getting to know the customer and working hand in hand with them is paramount to creating their ‘Home’.

Robert’s work ethic drives him to produce quality drawings for clients while making sure to meet or beat deadlines, knowing that time is always in short supply. Team player or team leader, his drive pushes him to continue learning in an ever-changing environment.

Every project is a new puzzle, even though the pieces are familiar, the result is always distinctive.